Frequently Asked Questions

USTelephony24 is built exclusively for Bitrix24. It utilizes all Bitrix24 Telephony features (Call, Receive, Record, Call Back widget, Audio Calls, Call Broadcasting) including SMS. And we have a stand-alone SMS and bulk SMS platform for companies usingBitrix24 with another Telephony solution.

If you decide to cancel, your subscription will run to the end, and you will not be required to make any further payments. Your account will be deleted.

When making a call from your area code, Local Presence allows you to disguise your area code with the call recipients local number, so they are more likely to pick up their phone.
Yes, US Telephony is compliant with TCPA. You also can buy data and append missing data directly from our platform. (At an additional cost)
Whether you are using a dialer, or sending SMS messages, you want to register your numbers so a call recipients caller ID does not identify your call as Spam.
When making calls, you have the option of pressing a button to send a pre-recorded message instead of waiting to personally leave a voice message. This saves time when working on a campaign.
You are not really saving money. Our minute costs can be as low as 1/3 less than our competitors. We do not gamble by telling you that your minutes are unlimited, then try to entice you to spend more money if you use more minutes then allocated for. We also follow the Bitrix24 model. We offer different licensing plans and allow cate users to each plan, so you are not paying per user prices. If you compare what we offer, you will see our product is the best bang for the buck.
No. Multiple users can share the same number. It is usual to separate each person by an extension number
No, minutes do not expire.