Welcome to US Telepony24
A VoIP, SMS, & Contact Center Solution
Built exclusively for use with Bitrix24 CRM
Progressive & Robo Dialers, IVR, SMS, and More
Designed by operations experts and call center directors to incorporate every feature any business, in any industry, may need.
How It Works
Efficient, Simple, Affordable Pricing
US Telephony24 used with Bitrix24 keeps everyone in the loop.
Goes Where You Go

Whether your communication needs are on the go or in the office, we’ve got you covered with our desktop and mobile apps compatible on all devices.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Per user pricing is never in your best interest. All monthly plans include all of our standard features. Simply select the plan that accommodates the number of users you need to provide with access.

Robust Contact Center

Stay in touch with your upline, downline, leads, customers, and each other with voice, SMS, email, chat, messaging, social media, whatever your preferred method! US Telephony24 used with Bitrix24 keeps everyone in the loop.

Contact Center

An all-in-one business phone solution to double call center productivity and provide a seamless customer experience. Everything you need for inbound and outbound calling can be implemented easily with no extra hardware.

Voice & SMS Automations

Supercharge your outreach with automated calling and texting from within your CRM. Blazing fast speed-to-lead, personalized SMS drip campaigns, and automatic meeting reminders are just the beginning. Another benefit for the home page.

Keep Everyone Communicating
You’ve already chosen Bitrix24 CRM as your monster management tool, now let’s feed the monster with this VoIP, SMS, and Contact Center Telephony Solution built exclusively for use with Bitrix24. Now, your operations don’t need any other software subscriptions. Bitrix24 CRM with US Telephony24, your all in one business solution!
How it works
Bitrix24 CRM with US Telephony24, your all in one business solution!
Your Office Goes Where You Go
Stay in touch whether the team is on the go, in the office, or working remotely. More than just telephony. We’re a robust contact center and marketing solution with Voice, SMS, Email, Chat, Messaging, Order Taking, and more.
Ready To Get Started?

US Telephony24 is designed to be 

used with your Bitrix24 CRM

Install The Application
Install the application into your Bitrix24 CRM from the Bitrix24 Marketplace. Simply log into your Bitrix24 account and visit the Marketplace.
Register and Subscribe

After installing the application from the Bitrix24 Marketplace, follow the written instructions in the Marketplace to register your account and subscribe to a plan. Or, watch this Registration video.

Set Up and Start Calling
Now that you have an active account, its time to add Users, rent phone numbers, record voicemails, setup your auto attendant, and create Call Queues, Call Forwarding, and more. Watch this video for full setup instructions.
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US Telephony24 is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony solution built specifically for use within the Bitrix24 CRM. This solution provides a comprehensive Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with auto attendant and SMS capability, local presence, Smart Caller ID, a Robo dialer and a Progressive Dialer.

We' re Better. Here's Why...
One System Solution

When you combine US Telephony24 with Bitrix24 CRM, it’s truly a ONE STOP SOLUTION! You won’t need a subscription to a SIP connector, or an SMS provider, or a dialer, or a chat bot, or an email delivery service.

All Inclusive Features

We don’t tier our plans to add additional features as the plan price increases. Instead, we’ve made all of the features that every business needs standard in every plan while having the option for additional features that only some business will need. [IVR/Auto Attendant] [Call Forwarding] [Voicemail] [Call Whisper] [Queues ] [Call Monitoring] [Business Hours] [SMS Integration]

Upfront Pricing

We offer six plans to choose from. Every plan includes all standard features for one monthly price, NOT per user pricing. Our plans are based on maximum number of users so select a plan that meets your needs today and leaves room, as your business grows, to add users at no additional cost.

Free Support

We’re here to help 24/7. If you need technical assistance we are just one click away. If you need set up assistance, we’ll walk you through it. We have a library of helpful videos to walk you through the set up and use of each feature.

Free Templates

Use one of our free templates to help you set up your IVR (auto attendant), call queues, SMS campaigns, and more. Or, for those who are familiar with IVRs, you’ll be able to create your own call configurations in no time at all.

Any Industry

US Telephony24 has all of the telephony features that any industry needs. Whether you simply need a business phone solution for your home office, or an on-the-go solution for your technicians in the field, or an enterprise solution for offices around the globe, we’ve got you covered.

One Location Or Many

Stay in touch whether the team is on the go, in the office, or working remotely. More than just telephony. We’re a robust contact center and marketing solution with Voice, SMS, Email, Chat, Messaging, Order Taking, and more

Hosted Cloud Contact Center
You’re never chained to your desk or your desk phone. Our Contact Center sits in the cloud and follows you wherever you go – worldwide! Whether you have a team of 1 or 1,000, you’ll always be connected.
Choose Your Device
US Telephony24 can be accessed from any device type: your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. We’re compatible with Android and iPhone, SIP phones, and Softphones.
Simple & Transparent Pricing Plan










Additional Features Available

*Dialer prices vary based upon Plan selected

“US Telephony24 has been a blessing to our company. It allows us to use Bitrix24’s SMS features without having to subscribe to a different service. This platform utilities other Bitrix24 features such as call back, voice broadcasting, and audio Calls. I cannot wait for the voice scripting module. Keep up the good work guys! ”
- David J